Cuisine is the source of inspiration for many fashion designers, but how to bring fashion into each dish, the love of cuisine?

Famous designer Kwak Hyun-Joo, founder of Table Star, brings her love of fashion and cuisine to restaurants. Every small corner of the restaurant is the place to welcome you back with your family, friends and loved ones. The beauty of the dishes is reflected in the harmonious combination of Italian and Korean flavors and beautiful decoration. It is the meticulousness in service, space design and dish creation that brings each guest to the restaurant as comfortable as their own small home.

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  • Regenerate energy and heal the soul after hours of enthusiastic and hard work. Because after a day of working at full capacity, having a small corner with delicious food that nourishes the spirit is a wonderful thing for everyone.
  • Share the joyness & happiness with your family. Table Star always focuses on bringing a cozy space full of warmth and affection, thanks to which every family that comes to this small corner will feel the happiest and most loving feelings.
  • Create the surprises and bring laughter to those you love. A small corner just for you and your loved one, where you both can enjoy beautiful moments together, expressing your precious feelings for each other.
  • Chat with friends about happy and sad stories in life. Enjoy delicious food together, adding to your weekend gatherings with friends.
Our Story


Nestled in a separate space at the big shopping center, Table Star Hanoi is like a small corner that is both peaceful and modern but no less luxurious. Every corner at Table Star is delicately decorated to bring a sense of familiarity so that each customer has a place to:

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FOUNDER Of table star

Kwak Hyun Joo – founder of Table Star is the leading designer of the fashion company in Korea. Her collections are simple but very personality. Each of her designs is inspired by traditional Korean culture, breaking out the lines and details of each outfit. She always puts a lot of enthusiasm and affection into her first products with the desire to bring comfort and self-control. Her love spreads into the small corners of the house, especially the kitchen.

For her, fashion and cuisine both express the beauty of the soul. If fashion is perceived by people through sight, then cuisine is perceived through taste and smell. Each method is to find a peaceful place, a small corner of the soul. That’s why Ms. Kwak Hyun Joo founded Table Star and put in a lot of thoughts. Table Star is a small corner for you to return to after a busy life. This is where you gather with your family, express your love with your loved ones, or chat with friends. Table Star is an emotional thread for everyone.